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Providing NDT Solutions for Pipe and Gas Cylinder Inspections 


DPR Ultrasonic Technologies is an industrial company that helps other industries inspect for flaws that could be catastrophic to people and the environment. We specialize in delivering excellent service to those who do inspections in the  pipe and gas cylinder industries. We are proud to be part of an effort to prevent derailments, explosions and other disasters. We provide non-destructive (NDT) testing services plus products and training for operators who prefer to continue their own testing. We also make probes for wheels and transducers. We are focused on providing the utmost quality in our products and being the best in customer support and service.

Our company has over 70 years of experience in the NDT industry. Our repeat customers value our QUALITY, SERVICE and DEDICATION.





Our NDT pipe inspection solutions help manufacturers detect unseen defects in pipes that could lead to pipebursts and explosions. READ MORE​

Our NDT gas cylinder inspection services help companies that fill and distribute gas cylinders reduce the risk of serious accidents. READ MORE

Visit Zactech Ultrasonics for information about transducers and wheel probes

Delivering High Performance Solutions in the NDT Industry


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