Our ultrasonic pipe inspection technology aids pipe inspectors with detecting the smallest flaws
Pipes used for gas and other liquids need to be inspected for flaws including corrosion
We have the ultrasonic technology for every pipe line inspector.

We can help the pipe inspection industry detect flaws that would interfere with the safe passage of gases and liquids. 

Making the Pipe Inspection Process Fast and Accurate 


Nearly every industry has been affected by pipes that have flaws, both onshore and offshore. DPR Ultrasonic Technologies has developed non-destructive ultrasonic testing for pipes made of  metals and alloys. That way, problems caused by corrosion and other defects can be corrected before a disaster strikes that is either harmful to people or costly to a major industry. 


Ultrasonic technology is highly sensitive and can aid in the detection of very small flaws from the outside of a pipe. Sound waves are transmitted into a pipe without changing the properties of the material. Ultrasonic testing has no effect on human personnel or equipment in the vicinity. Accurate results are available immediately and don't require interpretation. 


Every NDT solution we provide for a customer includes operator training and documentation procedures. We have solutions for the inspection and maintenance needs of pipe line owners and pipe manufacturers. Contact us for more information.

Delivering High Performance Solutions in the NDT Industry


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