Non-invasive ultrasonic testing

Making the NDT Industry Safer and More Reliable with Ultrasonic Technology 


Our goal at DPR Ultrasonic Technologies is to be committed to delivering high performance service solutions that make the industry safer and more reliable for everyone.

We are focused on providing the utmost quality in our products and being the best in customer support and service. We stress quality, service and dedication.

With over 70 years of experience in the NDT industry, we can help our customers to maintain and optimize their equipment and utilize it to its maximum potential:


  • System Audits and Certifications
  • Technical Support
  • Training
  • Aftermarket Supply and Support
  • Probe Wheels and Transducers
  • Equipment Sales


Click here to view an expanded list of services we provide to help our customers who perform non-destructive testing, especially in  pipe inspection and gas cylinder inspection.


Our Ongoing NDT Customers

US Army Corps of Engineers a customer of DPR UT
Mota-Engil is a customer of DPR UT
General Dynamics is a customer of DPR UT
U. S. Steel is a customer of DPR NT

Delivering High Performance Solutions in the NDT Industry


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