Non-invasive ultrasonic examination of all types of gas cylinders
It is safe to test cylinders of all types and sizes with UE
Innacurate testing of gas cylinders is dangerous

We help the gas cylinder inspection industry prevent disastrous explosions and leaks.

Making the Gas Cylinder Inspection Industry More Accurate and Productive 


Gas cylinders must be inspected and certified before they can be transported . That is understandable because any flaw could lead to an explosion or expose the public to a toxic substance. At DPR Ultrasonic Technologies we have developed the tools and procedures non-invasive testing of gas cylinders. All testing is done with high-frequency sound waves on the outside of a gas cylinder.


Our gas cylinder ultrasonic inspection systems are fast and accurate. The smallest faults such as cracks and corrosion will be detected. In addition, an ultrasonic examination can measure the thickness of a cylinder wall. The testing will not affect contents, valves and o-rings.


Contact us to find out how we can help your gas cylinder inspectors learn about state-of-the-art ultrasonic NDT technology and get hands on training.

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